Melbourne’s mega mansions – ‘Miegunyah’ at 641 Orrong Rd, Toorak

‘Miegunyah’ at 641 Orrong Rd, Toorak. The house set a record price for a Melbourne property when it sold for about $23 million, before being eclipsed by the Hawthorn mansion. Gerald Delany executive chairman of Kay and Burton, the agents who sold the property, would not reveal the exact price.

The Orrong Rd property was sold by former Pacific Dunlop boss Phillip Brass and his wife Vivien who bought the mansion for around $2 million in 1992, giving them a tidy $20 million profit or growth of $1 million a year just for living at home.

The sale eclipsed the $17.75 million paid by Good Guys boss Andrew Muir for disgraced businessman Steve Vizard’s Toorak home in 2007.

One of the living areas.

The kitchen.

The impressive gardens.

And the grass tennis court.

The front entrance.

Miegunyah boasts six-bedrooms.

It is hailed for its magnificent botanic gardens and is thought to be the second or third largest home in Toorak.


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